This January, veteran Royal Marine and 4x cancer survivor Tim Crossin is taking a series of cold water plunges around the British coastline, and he wants you to join him.

Former Royal Marine Commando Tim Crossin, 59, from Poole is completing the initiative to raise funds for ‘The Royal Marines Charity, Lymphoma Action and Rock 2 Recovery.

Tim has beaten three Lymphoma cancers in the last four years. He has just been diagnosed with a 4th cancer this December. He is fundraising through a series of extreme cold-water dips due to his consultant vetoing anything more physically strenuous due to his ongoing recovery programme.

Tim will be doing a solo around Britain road trip in a camper van clockwise around the coast, starting and finishing in Poole, taking an ‘extreme cold swim/dip’ in 31 locations around England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. He will pull on his trunks and have a swim, no matter what the temperature, weather or sea state in a bid to raise money for three good causes.

  • The Royal Marines Charity
  • Lymphoma Action
  • Rock 2 Recovery

A large following has already grown with some locations having 50 to 100 people joining in.

Tim has backing from friend and former Royal Marine Commando, Special Forces operator and TV personality Steve ‘Titch’ Cormack from BBC’s program Speed shop and other TV and sporting celebrities

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Tim, who runs a Personal Protection, Security and Survival focusing on ‘female self-defences’ through his company Esparta Ltd, said:

“As a former Royal Marine, I’d like to be running up a mountain, naked, with a fridge on my back or swimming the Channel dragging a piano or something else mad and extreme, but all the chemotherapy has severely damaged my lungs limiting my physical capability. Although I can’t swim for long I thought I could raise some money and awareness by doing short swims around the country every day in January.”

“Cancer can, if you let it, take over your life and become the only topic of conversation. I decided to change the narrative as well as do something good and to give back.”  Tim said. “The cold water takes your mind off your problems, focus you thoughts on that exact moment, I have found it extremely beneficial in dealing with the emotional and physical challenges and demands of living with cancer.”

 “It’s quite a challenge and I know there are many veterans, serving personnel, swimming groups and the general public round the country who will take the plunge with me and enjoy a hot drink and chat afterwards, The support of the communities I visit will be key to this initiative.”

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