A set of military-grade mental health tools for individuals and corporates

Commando Mindset

with Joe Winch and Jon White

This is a demanding time for everyone. We face profound challenges both at home and at work – but some of us are better equipped to deal with them than others.

Our resilience training will be delivered by Royal Marine veterans Jon White and Joe Winch, using the Commando Mindset and drawing on their own experiences to provide training packages that resonate with individuals and corporates.

They know what it is like to have their worlds turned upside down. To be faced by something so daunting that it requires a complete recalibration of the way they live.

In the Royal Marines, they learned how to operate in the toughest conditions. Joe and Jon know that overcoming adversity is not just about physical fitness, but a way of thinking, a way of looking at life. A framework for every challenge.

The most worthwhile training I have undertaken to date. 

James L, Olympian Homes

Now they are bringing the Commando Mindset to a wider audience. As organisations pick up the pace and seek new ways to bounce back, Joe and Jon will be offering their way of thinking to leaders in Britain’s business community.

They are making the core elements of the Commando Mindset available in the form of five, one-hour training sessions.

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You can learn more about Joe and Jon’s story by watching these short films: