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During 2020, the year of COVID-19, the Membership Team were involved with 130 funerals.

The passion and personable touch that the Membership Team dedicate to supporting funerals highlights what makes us different from many other Associations and demonstrates the “Once a Royal Marine, always a Royal Marine” statement.

The level of support provided to families is different for every funeral as no two funerals are ever the same. This can vary from just taking a phone call and being a shoulder to cry on, sending a  condolence card, arranging a Bugler and Standard Bearer, supplying appropriate flags to address the coffin, organising veterans to represent at the funeral, organising veterans and funeral protocols at the service and liaising with undertakers.

We have even conducted funerals from start to finish, including the service of Paupers Funerals where the former Royal Marine had no family or money. We will always do our best to make sure every Royal Marine receives the send off they deserve after their service for Queen and country. “Never above you, never below you, always by your side.”

From a mother of a 41 Independent Commando Memorial Day of former Royal Marine

“I want to say a ‘HUGE THANK YOU’ to everyone who took part in my son’s funeral service. The R.M. Attendees, The Guard of Honour, The Standard Bearer, The Buglers, the ex-officers who were with him at C.T.C. and later. Please forgive me if I have missed anyone.

The planning, the timing, the whole spectacle was carried out with respect and feeling. It was an excellent ‘performance’ throughout. The part which ‘creased’ me was when the coffin came into church draped in the Union Jack with one GREEN beret and one BLUE beret. Depicting his 42 years in services caring for others said it all…

As a parent, I felt the whole funeral was so uplifting it reduced my grief to one of pride momentarily). I send my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to all those concerned for honouring his life in such a fitting manner.”

From a sister of a former Royal Marine

“Thank you so much for your call today. To be perfectly honest with you, I was completely overwhelmed by your kindness. The thought of being able to keep Bob’s Green Beret, is wonderful. He always described it as his proudest moment.

We are truly humbled for your warmth, support, and are greatly appreciative for all your help and kindness.

Bob would never have believed that the one thing in life he wanted as a child, would be there with him through his death. He was always a Royal Marine in everything he did in life — that mindset never left him.

Every hospital appointment I picked him up for, he would say, “can you pick me up at 11am”. I would arrive at 10.55, he would be on the door, and say, “your cutting it fine aren’t you!”

Once a Marine, always a Marine! I thank you very much for everything”

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