The West Country 100 – Inspiring business to be the first to understand, adapt, respond and overcome

The West Country 100 (WC 100) is a select group of 100 business leaders in the South West of England, who come together and have a desire to enhance support for Royal Marines, past, present and future – who find themselves in need through injury, illness and hardship.

Through the channel provided by RMA – The Royal Marines Charity, members of the WC 100 direct their good works, time, fundraising and awareness activity plus membership support to directly help members of the Royal Marines family who need our help today.

16th October 2021
Location: Commando Logistics Regiment, Chivenor, North Devon

The West Country 100 Annual Dinner takes place this year on the 16th October 2021 at Commando Logistics Regiment, Chivenor, North Devon.

If you would like more information about the West Country 100 , please contact Caroline Casey via