Throughout this year, the IMS Group have chosen to support Royal Marines and their families after choosing RMA – The Royal Marines Charity as their charity of the year. 

Managing Director at IMS Group, Graeme Alexander, has chosen us as IMS Group’s charity of choice after his experience as a Royal Marine recruit. 

“I feel I have a debt of gratitude to the training team and the Corps”

Managing Director IMS Group, Graeme Alexander

In 1977, Graeme joined Royal Marine Commando Training at Lympstone, joining 101 troop, he was working hard in training but resigned following a week of home leave. Graham says he regretted his departure but his time at CTC inspired him with confidence. 

“I absolutely loved my time in training, meeting some great and sometimes crazy guys which I bonded with quickly. But going home to my large family and friends swayed my decision. At 17 I really didn’t know what was best for me. I regretted my departure for some time after. Although my life is good. 

However, I had no idea what that short spell did to me and how it shaped my vision and created confidence in my ability and taught me never give up and the harder the fight the greater the rewards, Corps values I would say. 

I feel I have a debt of gratitude to the training team and the corps for what that training brought out of me even in that short space of time.  This is the reason I chose to support RMA – The Royal Marines Charity, just a little thank you for that short time all those years ago that made me aware that I could face hardship and win.” 

About IMS Group – (incorporating Integrity Fire Solutions LTD)

IMS Group was established nearly 30 years ago to offer a specialist service to support facilities management, building services and local authority organisations. 

The IMS Group are specialists in Fire doors and fire stopping, whilst also providing Facilities Services to clients across many industries. They have previously led large scale remediation projects for the MoD, NHS, private and public sectors for over 30 years. IMS Group cover the whole UK from 4 regional offices, with a South west office in Plymouth Devonport docks .

“We are really looking forward to the partnership with IMS Group and both being able to benefit from the
RMA –The Royal Marines Charity being chosen as their charity of the year.  

Lucy Butcher, Fundraising and Volunteer Manager

“Graeme is so passionate about the Corps and keen to be involved and help as much as possible. We are looking forward to meeting the team and learning more about them, as much as they will get to know us. We have some exciting ideas! So, watch this space!”

If you would like to learn more about us or if you are a business and you wish to select us as your charity, please reach out to our fundraising team. – 01392 346424