Edition 31

This week, we’re sharing with you the results from last year’s Online Survey, you can read about the fabulous fundraising boost to the start of the New Year – and an end to an era. 

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Online Survey action  

Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Ball, would like to extend thanks to all who took the time to share their thoughts and views about the Charity by taking part in last year’s online Stakeholder Survey.

He says: “We were delighted to receive 1,901 responses (1,557 RMA Members, 310 charity donors and 34 employment beneficiaries).

Your feedback is much valued. It has helped direct us towards ensuring we support and serve the Corps Family with what it wants and needs, and in a way it has the right to expect – whether individuals are serving, veteran or dependent. We must never lose sight of the imperative to support each and every beneficiary as best we can.

We will be working hard to implement the improvements we intend to action and, by way of follow-up, will report back on our progress later in the year to ask for some updated feedback.

With your support and participation, be assured we are committed to do whatever we can to effect the lifelong support we offer and which the Corps Family so richly deserves.”

You can read more about the survey results via the button below.

Cold Dip Commando splashes out in Scotland 

This past week, Tim Crossin, intrepid ‘Cold Dip Commando’ extraordinaire, has remained undaunted by the many external challenges he’s had to overcome in order just to reach his next location. He’s driven through some horrendous weather conditions in Scotland but so far managed to doggedly keep to his carefully planned timetable of taking 31 cold water dips in 31 different locations around the UK on each of January’s 31 days (although heavy snow on his way from Skye to John O’Groats meant he was forced to ‘dip in the dark’).

With just 12 dips left to do, he’s continuing to enjoy some outstanding support from fellow Bootnecks along the way.  He leaves Scotland from Edinburgh on Sunday (21st), to then stop at various locations down England’s east coast as he heads back home to Poole. Absolutely awesome.

Tim is raising funds for three worthy charities, of which RMA – The Royal Marines Charity is one.

Looking for your own open water swimming challenge?

The Great North Swim 1 mile is located at the stunning Lake Windermere in the Lake District National Park.

This 1 mile swim is suitable for swimmers of all abilities and is equivalent to 64 lengths of a standard 25m pool. The average completion time is approx 40 minutes. You can choose to enjoy a leisurely breaststroke while taking in the scenery or kick into crawl for a faster time.

The end of an era   

We know that those who have served at CTCRM will be sorry to hear that, after over 50 years, Dutchy’s will be closing the hatch for the final time on the 9th February.

Since 2017, the infamous ‘burger van’ has raised a fantastic £9,176 from their collection tins in aid of RMA – The Royal Marines Charity and so we thank all for this outstanding support.

Writing on Facebook, the Dutchy’s team and the Holland family who own the operation, said: “We would like to thank CTCRM, every nod, marine, trained rank and more who have supported us throughout our 54 years of trade.

 “We have felt privileged to be part of the Corp and all it entails, the ups the downs, the elation of lads who’ve done final ex, the grimy tired hungry faces of the nod who has sprinted down to make sure we stay open for a troop coming in from exercise, the excitement of the lads as their families join them for pass out parades, those who come down after top tables or reunions and reminisce their nod days at Dutchy’s and the lads who have just needed a place to off load with no judgement, no rank, just an ear.”

More fabulous fundraising support

Huge thanks to retired RM Major Scotty Mills, who – having served 32 years in the Royal Marines, and in conjunction with book publishers Simon & Schuster – raised over £1,500 for RMA – The Royal Marines Charity by raffling 10 personalised signed copies of his new book ‘Never Give In’. 

Scotty said: “It was a perfect time to support those who have sacrificed so much, and for those who acquired my new book, to kick-start their own 2023 in a positive way. Thank you SO for your support. It means so much.”

Pennies to pounds

Our Fundraising team has also been delighted to hear that Rontec has chosen RMA – The Royal Marines Charity to be one of the beneficiaries of their ‘Pennies’ donation scheme.

The digital charity boxes can be found at any of Rontec’s numerous UK roadside retail outlets at Esso forecourts, offering customers the opportunity to donate a few pennies via debit or credit card to a nominated charity.

Since 2014, they have supported 24 different charities and, with the help of their loyal and generous customers, have raised in excess of £1.5 million for a range of worthy causes.

And as part of another great partnership, the team braved the cold weather with 30 of our lovely local charity volunteers to collect money during a recent Exeter Chiefs rugby game. It was one of several generic collections hosted by the Exeter Chiefs Foundation, that is then shared very generously amongst a number of local charities at the end of the season. A huge thank you to all who took part– and, of course, to the Exeter Chiefs Foundation for their continued support.