This week, our update has something of a worldwide feel as Commando Mindset spreads its wings, global fundraising reaches new heights and a radio interview hits overseas’ airwaves.

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Sharing the Commando Mindset 

Our Development Team is becoming increasingly sought-after to deliver Commando Mindset training sessions, and this week they presented to one of the country’s leading banking institutions.

As organisations pick up the pace, they are seeking out new ways to bounce back from the pandemic and adapt to survive amongst ever-changing economic and global uncertainty.

The Commando Mindset is the technique used by every Royal Marine to deal with challenge. It’s been tested and refined by the Royal Marines for over eighty years. And now, for the first time, the Charity is making the Commando Mindset available to wider audiences.

This resilience training is delivered to senior business leaders by some of our bravest and most extraordinary fellow Royal Marines. They draw on their own experiences to provide training packages that resonate with individuals and corporates  – and in a couple of months’ time, they have their first US date!   

‘Lest we Forget’ – Falklands 40 film release

One month ago in Portsmouth, RMA celebrated and commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Falklands conflict.

Join us as we look back at events from that weekend and commemorate all who served, those who were injured and those who lost their lives during the conflict – ‘Lest we forget’.

Watch the full film here

Our thanks to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity for their extremely generous funding support from their Falklands 40 Associations Fund, with a £12,000 grant for RMA events.

Finally, our thanks go again to the 800+  fundraisers who contributed more than £25 each from events and personal challenges to commemorate Falklands 40. Hannah and Vicki of our fundraising team have now almost completed the mammoth task of sending out individual commemorative coins to every single person so if you are waiting for yours, please be patient – it will be winging its way to you shortly.      

Making a difference

Yet again, our hard working Health & Wellbeing team has been humbled to receive the following thanks from a grateful beneficiary:

“Every member of the charity has been fantastic. It’s taken me a long time to realise I can’t fix myself and have had to step back and take the advice from yourselves and the mental health team in my area and put my trust in people again.

I finally feel that my life is back on track and everything in the most part is positive. Without the charity’s help and support I would have either been made homeless, or had to pull out of the intensive therapy I was having and gone back to full time work – and no doubt end up back to square one mentally. I can’t portray enough how much your help and support mean to not only myself but to my parents and sister as well. Thank you all so much.”

Fundraising around the world: from the Alps…

This past week, our Community Fundraising supporters have been in full swing around the world – in typically creative ways! 

Nigel Charlton and the formidable Mont Blanc Summit team achieved their ascent after 14 hours! The team has raised a whopping £3,325 for the Charity, with an additional £637 in gift aid. “One of our party, Jason, happens to be a pro wedding photographer and turns out is not too shabby at landscapes either. He’s put together an inspiring video here on You Tube. If you enjoy it, any last donations are most welcome,” adds Nigel. 

…to the Himalayas…

and David Howarth ticked off one of the challenges on his 50th birthday bucket list. He and wife Karine successfully finished their race across the Himalayas in a Corps-branded tuk tuk. They were amongst the 40 competitors in 19 tuk tuks taking part in a 12-day 2,200km Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Run challenge from Leh to Jaisalmer.  His Royal Marine training came in particularly useful when the organisers asked him to help give a basic medical briefing on altitude sickness. Despite being a fairly treacherous journey in parts, they had no major issues or engine failures and finished unscathed, with smiles on their faces, having raised £879.57 (inc gift aid) for the RMA. 

…. and back to Scotland! 

Back on UK turf, retired RM Alan King walked the length of the country from Lands End to John O’Groats! Alan overcame illness en route but this didn’t stop him from enjoying some of the traditional regional food (and ales!) along the way – and then arriving in style! He’s raised over £1,000  – if you’d like to boost his sterling achievement, please use this link

The Fundraising Team have loved following all these journeys and welcome any more wild and wonderful ideas to raise vital funds for the Charity. We are so very fortunate to have so many amazing and innovative fundraising supporters.

Relationship building

Nick (Holloway), our Relationship Manager (Scotland) was delighted to have the opportunity to host Marshall Ruben, one of our valued US benefactors (5th from left), who was over for the 150th Open golf at St Andrews. During his visit, he was invited to supper at the Officers’ Mess by the CO of 45 Cdo RM – where an enjoyable evening was had by all.

Relationships are all-important to the Charity and so a meeting with Arbroath-based IED Solutions Training further cemented the important bond we have with the company which has strong ties to the Charity. The company was founded by former RM’s Ian Clark and Paul ‘Baz’ Barratt.  Paul has moved on to become RMA Transition Support Officer North, and Ian has to date delivered Mental Health First Aid training to 70+ delegates through a training initiative which is funded by the Charity.

Easing career transition

Our Employment & Education team support all compulsory discharged Royal Marine service leavers, veterans and spouses. We support them into meaningful and rewarding employment through bespoke careers’ advice and guidance, sourcing of employment opportunities and funding for training, qualifications and equipment.

Our special thanks to the founder and Director of Retain Limited, Jamie Gibbs.

Learn More:

Countdown to more fundraising history in the making

We’re on the final countdown towards 27th July and the start of former RM Commando Lee Spencer’s awesomely challenging GB Triathlon to raise funds for RMA – The Royal Marines Charity (incredibly he’s raised over £17,000 already, and he’s not even started – wow!).

If all goes according to plan, he will become the first person ever to swim the English Channel, cycle 1,036 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats and climb the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales- all within a 14 day period!

Lee is passionate about keeping wounded and injured service personal in the nation’s conscience as well as proving that no one should be defined by disability.  This is the driving force behind the ‘Rowing Marine’ as he is known – and now the GB Triathlon. You can follow his progress and read all about it here.

Beating Retreat 2022

This year’s event was, as always, an audio and visual spectacular of outstanding military music and pageantry showcasing what the RM Band do best, with all proceeds being shared between RMA – The Royal Marines Charity and the RNRMC.

And in the news …

15th July British Forces Broadcasting Services ‘Totally Connected’  Interview with RMA CE Jonathan Ball re Gold Award @46:46 – 50:07