Recently, RMA – The Royal Marines Charity awarded a small grant of £250 to enable a veteran, struggling with their mental health, to attend a wilderness course in Scotland. 

The 7-day wilderness course, delivered by Venture Trust is a canoeing trip down the River Spey, towards the sea with several camping stops along the way. The course offers intensive learning and development in communities and the Scottish wilderness, supporting attendees to gain further skills, stability and confidence.

“My participation would not have been possible without the incredibly compassionate and speedy support of Sue Holloway of the RMA, since I learned only a few days before the course was due to begin that I had been accepted.” 

Not only did Sue get the funding I needed for my return train ticket from South Wales to Glasgow, and a before-and-after-course hotel room in Glasgow, she also made sure that I had enough money for my meals during my train journey and at the hotel, something I had completely overlooked.  

“There is no doubt that the Commando spirit is alive and well in the RMA. Thank you so very much for the tireless support and care that you give to so many of us.” 

Our mission is to provide support, advice and lifelong camaraderie for serving and retired Marines and their families.  

Remember – seeking support is a strength  – it’s what cements our comradeship with one another. Whether you need a listening ear or financial support, RMA – The Royal Marines Charity is here to serve you, just as you’ve served us. 

If you require our help, please complete this online form.