Last weekend, the RMA team had the honour of supporting the Naval Party 8901 and HMS Endurance Falklands 40 Reunion at CTCRM.

It was truly a privilege to be in the company of these brave Marines who defended the Falkland Islands, against unprecedented odds and totally outnumbered 40 years ago.

We would like to thank the Unit, the Sergeants’ Mes, the Band from CTCRM, RNRMC for the grant to offset the cost, Scarves for Veterans, RMA Concert Band, the Falklands Government and the team from RMA and the reunion (Nick Williams) that made it happen. A truly memorable weekend.

Images from the reunion

Falklands War: The Forgotten Battle – ITV Documentary

Falklands War: The Forgotten Battle reveals the largely untold story of the very first engagement of the Falklands conflict in 1982.

Fronted by Falklands War enthusiast, Ben Fogle, the programme takes a deep dive into one of the most fascinating war stories in recent British history, bolstered with revelations from recently declassified documents.

As Argentina invaded the British territory, they were met by Naval Party 8901, a small detachment of Royal Marines already stationed on the Falkland Islands. This group of fewer than 70 lightly armed men had been given virtually no prior warning of the invasion, but were now the only line of defence against hundreds of Argentine soldiers.