Commando Mindset Training

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity has recently launched our own resilience training: The programme is delivered by Royal Marines veterans Jon White and Joe Winch, using the Commando Mindset and drawing on their own experiences to provide resilience training packages that resonate with individuals and businesses in today’s environment.

The RMA Gig Club

The idea of a gig club within the RMA was first raised in February 2019. A plastic gig, ‘Trafalgar,’ and two sets of oars were leant to the newly established club by RM Tamar, and safe storage was allocated by Stonehouse Barracks.

Looking after our own then, and now

Recently, RMA – The Royal Marines Charity awarded a small grant of £250 to enable a Veteran dealing with mental health issues to attend a wilderness course in Scotland. 

Ocean Revival cross the finish line

Team Ocean Revival have completed their 3,700-mile journey across the North Atlantic Ocean. The team, who have so far raised over £40,000 for RMA – The Royal Marines Charity have become the first team to row from New York to London via this specific route, Brooklyn Bridge to London’s Tower Bridge.