‘With your help and support, my son and I will both be sitting down to a Christmas dinner in a beautiful house.’

Battling serious medical conditions and after a long-drawn out court case for custody of his son, this beneficiary says he ‘is seeing light at the end of tunnel’ thanks to the ongoing support and a £500 grant awarded to him by RMA – The Royal Marines Charity to undertake essential house repairs following a leak.

“I have chronic kidney disease, type 1 blockage in my heart valve, inflamed and scarred lungs, partial stomach lining missing, duodenal and peptic ulcers and damage to my pancreas – and the next to get sorted looks like a replacement heart valve. This lot has been going on for a long time and I’m in and out of hospital all the time.

After I was finally given custody of my son we were moved into a new house that needed a lot done for us to make it a proper home, and your donation has greatly helped.”

Because this beneficiary had also served in the Army, we also worked with a number of other Service Charities to almonise the full amount that was needed to do all the repairs and decorations that had to be done to turn their new house into a home. Helping make this a reality were Support our Paras, The Royal British Legion, Mercian Benevolence Charity and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.