Meet David Brown. David is an 81-year-old veteran who served in the Corps from 1958 – 1967. 

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity was contacted through our website by his daughter, Deborah, informing us that her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2021 and given 2-6 months to live. He was also registered blind in December 2020. She also informed us that her father’s wife was visiting family in Thailand and her Dad was due to join her but then COVID struck and he was stuck in the UK with his wife stranded in Thailand.  

Deborah asked if we would be able to firstly assist in getting her father’s wife back from Thailand and help with living expenses over the next few months to make his final days more comfortable. RMA – The Royal Marines Charity was able to help and within days we had got David’s wife back from Thailand and were able to give immediate assistance with daily living expenses. After a visit from the NHS OT physios were also able to help in making the home more suitable for a blind veteran with a limited lifespan.  

Fortunately, David responded well to treatment and Deborah, who had flown in from Australia to be his carer was able to return home to her family. The local branch of the RMA was informed and they now have regular contact with David and we, RMA – The Royal Marines Charity, keep a close watch on the situation. 

“The Royal Marines rallied around Dad at a time when we really needed them. This has not only helped Dad financially but lifted his spirits greatly. We can’t thank the RM community enough for all their support. Dad has always been proud to be a Royal Marine, but never as much as when they offered their support after Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As Dad’s health failed, his needs were greater and the Royal Marines Charity were able to offer financial and emotional assistant. We were able to provide many things around the home for Dad to make him more comfortable and allow him to remain independent in his daily tasks. As a proud RM this was so important to Dad. Anyway, I just wanted to keep you in the loop as I am so grateful for everything you did for Dad. You really cheered him (and me) up and it is wonderful being a part of the RM community.” 

This of course is exactly one of the missions of RMA – The Royal Marines Charity to support our vulnerable veterans in their time of need. It is a classic example of how we were able to help, involving the Transition Support Officer, Grants Manager, Case Manager and the local branch of the RMA. The Royal Marines family at its very best. 

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