Members of the Blackpool branch recently helped to do a very rapid DIY SOS style refurb for Mr Derek Lockie.

Derek is a WW2 Royal Navy veteran who is now 96 (nearly 97). He worked with the Royal Marines in a gunnery school and is a very proud associate member of the RMA.

Derek has had a particularly tragic couple of years where his son and grandson, who were both living with him, have passed away; his grandson took his own life and his son passed away with pneumonia this March.

Derek’s neighbours have now effectively become his carers and mentioned to Membership Director East, Richie Puttock, that Derek’s house was looking tired and his furniture is not fit for purpose.

After securing some funding and some willing help from the RMA Blackpool Branch, we have done what we can to improve Derek’s lot and hopefully make his remaining many years a bit more comfortable.

We would like to thank the Blackpool branch of the RMA, notably, Ray Pinkstone, Ian Jenkins and Paul and Mick Taylor, for always stepping up when asked, you’re an awesome bunch of brothers.

It is wonderful to see the true commando ethos in action. We’d like to thank Derek’s neighbours, for taking the time to look after those around them and securing the help that was needed to make Derek’s house a home.

Finally, to Derek, for your service to your country, and for allowing your brothers to help you. It is never easy to accept help when it is ingrained in you to help others.

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity will always be there for the Corps Family in their time of need.