We are proud to have recently assisted Royal Marine Veteran Robin Andrews, whose situation we were made aware of by RM Support Network Officer, Fred Coughlin.

Robin suffered a serve stroke, which had left him with decreased ambulatory capacity, with Robin becoming virtually bedridden. He now requires constant support from carers and receives 4 visits per day by carers, some of which he has to pay for.

His poor health was causing severe stress for him and his partner, with his caring needs meaning that he could no longer stay in his home. His daughter’s house was identified as a suitable place for Robin to move. However, he did not qualify for any support from Social Services.

In conjunction with the Support Officer, RMA – The Royal Marines Charity were able to identify suitable medical transport that would enable Robin to make the move to his daughters’ property, with a grant awarded to help cover the cost of medical transportation as well as future care costs.

We’d like to recognise our group of Royal Marine Support Network Officers (RMSNO). They are trained volunteers able to provide both practical help and emotional support to the RM veteran community in a variety of ways; from a vitally important regular friendly chat at home or on the telephone to ease social isolation and build a sense of camaraderie and belonging, to practical help with lifts to hospital and medical appointments, help with form filling.

Our thanks to Robin and his family for letting us share his story. RMA – The Royal Marines Charity is here to support you and your family, through service and beyond.

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