When Veteran RM Richard Fletcher (Fletch) realised after being medically discharged in 2021 that there was a shortfall in the War pension he had been awarded – and that it was being taxed – he tried repeatedly to sort the situation out through the Veterans Agency and HMRC. All his requests were rejected, every attempt to made to try and remedy the situation fell on stony ground – he was getting nowhere.

“I was about to give up and let things go on as they were. The continual struggle was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. It had taken over my life”

Not knowing where else to turn, Fletch thought to contact RMA – The Royal Marines Charity’s Health & Wellbeing team. They put him in immediate touch with our specialist Tribunal Advocate and Pensions Advisors, who advised him how to go about requesting an assessment of the disability pension he’d been awarded – and, most importantly, encouraged him to go and see his doctor.

‘It was such a great relief to finally have someone on my side, someone who understood the situation I was in; and to then advise me and give me so much help and support to guide me through the maze of bureaucracy to get my war pension sorted out once and for all.”

Fletch was provided with advice and guidance about seeking an assessment through Veterans UK and how to take the claim to an independent War pensions tribunal. Our specialist Tribunal Advocate and Pensions Advisors assisted him in drafting the necessary letters, filling out the forms and getting all the necessary documentation together to re-submit his case.

And finally –the breakthrough he had been hoping for! Our Tribunal Advocate and Pensions Advisors represented him at an independent tribunal which found in his favour – that Veterans UK had in fact under-assessed his level of disability.

“With help from the RMA I successfully challenged the amount of War pension I was awarded, I’m now paying the right amount of tax – and I have a new treatment plan from the doctor which has massively improved my physical health. I cannot express just how grateful I am to the RMA who have made me feel that although I have left the Corps, I am not alone.”