Sean Ivey was discharged from the Royal Marines in 2016. In March 2021, after confronting youths about anti-social behaviour, Sean’s house was firebombed, and he and his family had to flee for their lives in the middle of the night.  

After hearing of the news, RMA – The Royal Marines Charity was immediately on the case offering advice and assisting with the family’s immediate financial needs, helping to get food on the table and uniforms in place for the return to school.  

Thanks also to the generosity of the Corps family and the public, a staggering amount of £300,000 was raised to support Sean and his family in their hour of need.  

This money allowed Sean to rebuild his house, purchase another car and caravan (all destroyed in the fire) and start leading some semblance of a normal life.  

The charity was also able to offer advice to Sean’s close family as they came to realise the extent of the damage to their way of life.  

“Following my medical discharge in 2016, I began training in preparation for a new career and a total change of direction. I kept in touch with many of my corps family regularly, however, until the recent arson attack on my property I am overwhelmed at how the Royal Marines Charity and the wider Corps Family has come together to support myself and my family. Having made a stance against anti-social behaviour, my car, caravan, and house were torched. “ 

Sean Ivey

Cherished possessions 

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity was also able to offer more practical help in the replacement of some of Sean’s more cherished possessions and on the 26th of August 2021 Nick Holloway, the charities representative for Scotland and Northern England was able to present Sean with a new set of court mounted medals. The family house is being rebuilt and they hope to be reoccupying their home by Christmas 2021. 

Sean added: “The RMC and Corps Family instantly came to our aid and not only provided messages of support and reassurances, but also helped to spread the word so that donations raised are now allowing us to rebuild our home and our lives. We, as a family, could not put into words how grateful we are. The RMC (Nick Holloway in particular), have been a great support throughout, including wellbeing support for my family. Once again… we cannot put into words how thankful we are, and I cannot express my wholehearted love for the Royal Marines and our community. Those who have not been a part of this will never understand! OARMAARM” 

The Royal Marines is a special family, showcased by how it comes together to look after our own. 

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