As part of our focus on mental health and resilience focus, we remind ourselves that mental well-being comes in all shapes and forms and for many can be a continuous cycle of work and effort to maintain mental health equilibrium.

Someone we would like to shine a light on this week is an amazing gentleman who has been supporting our charity with his fundraising efforts over the last few month, Andreas Heke AKA The Rucking Reverend. 

The Rucking Reverend relocated from the UK to Massachusetts, USA where he now lives – he is supported by his care team and his loving dog Lady Gemma. Andreas suffers from early-onset dementia in the form of Lewy Body Dementia and is a huge advocate and ambassador for hidden illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s and the effect these illnesses can have on those suffering from them. 

Although he has daily pain and confusion and very low points, The Rucking Reverend refuses to give up. His motto is “Dementia doesn’t stop, so nor do I”. He is a real inspiration to many. Never one to say no to a challenge, he “rucks” on behalf of the unheard voices – raising awareness of conditions, charities and individuals along the way while he tries to keep his dementia progression as slow as possible – with continuous physical challenges to push his body and mind to do what he is asking them to and not what the dementia is pushing them towards. 

Over the last few weeks, the Reverend has picked up the baton in his rucks with support for RMA The Royal Marines Charity – completing a weighted 32lb 30 mile ruck/yomp as per the Commando 30 miler and is set to undertake a weighted 35lb ruck across three states in the epic Triad Challenge. 

Andreas, The Rucking Reverend, is truly inspiring and holds so many qualities held in high esteem by our Royal Marines. He has a real respect and love for our Commandos – his Great Grandfather having served as a Royal Marine in WWII being an inspiration as he pushes past his limits and carries on moving forward.  Everyone at the charity would like to say a huge thank you for the support along your journey Andreas.  

To view Andreas’ fundraising please visit: or follow his journey on Instagram at @ruck_2_end_alz