WO1 (RSM) R V Angove RM

WO1 (RSM) Angove was educated at the John Hunt Comprehensive school, Donnington, Telford, prior to joining the Corps at the age of 16 years ­old. On completion of recruit training he specialised in Heavy Weapons (ATK) before being assigned to Support Company 40 Commando RM, where he conducted Jungle training exercises in the Caribbean and South America. During his ï¬Ârst appointment he deployed on two OP BANNER tours to Northern Ireland; West Belfast 1993; East Tyrone 1995. During this time, he deployed on numerous exercises around the globe including Norway, Canada and EX OCEAN WAVE in 1997 which saw 40 Commando RM provide the contingent force that maintained a maritime presence during the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. On completion of a Heavy Weapons Detachment Commanders (ATK) course in 1996, and Junior Command Course in 1998 he joined CTW, CTCRM, where he spent the next two years as a Recruit Troop Instructor.

In 2001 he was drafted to FPGRM in operational roles as a Section Commander in support of CASD, a FSRT Team leader and latterly a watch Commander at JSU NORTHWOOD. Having passed a Heavy Weapons Section Commanders (ATK) course and Senior Command course in 2002, he was assigned to K Coy, 42 Commando RM as the Stand­-Off Company Troop Sergeant. During his brief time at 42 Commando RM he deployed on OP TELIC 1 in support of the coalition to liberate Iraq. Due to his operational experience he was then seconded to OPTAG for six months to provide Pre-deployment training as a Rural Tactics Instructor.

In 2004 he joined the Heavy Weapons section, CTCRM, as the Command Recognition SNCO, where he delivered specialist operational training. In late 2005 he joined the newly formed F Company, Special Forces Support Group as a Troop Sergeant and carried out numerous operational tasks including, Maritime Counter Terrorism and deployments to Afghanistan. This led to promotion to Colour Sergeant in 2007 where he was assigned back to 40 Commando RM as the Unit Heavy Weapons advisor and deployed immediately on OP HERRICK 7 with A Coy into the Helmand region of Afghanistan. He also facilitated jungle training in Brunei on TAURUS 09 before returning to Afghanistan as C Coy CQMS on OP HERRICK 12.

In 2011 he successfully completed the Advanced Command Course where he received a distinction grade and joined Commando Logistic Regiment RM as Equipment Support Squadron Sergeant Major. This was followed by a move back to 40 Commando RM as Command Company Sergeant Major in 2013 as part of the Lead Commando Group. During this assignment he deployed as part of a UK contingent force on COUGAR 14.

In May 2014, he was successful at the WO1 (RSM) selection board and appointed as Regimental Sergeant Major of Commando Logistic Regiment RM in Jan 2015. He was appointed Regimental Sergeant Major of 40 Commando RM, in July 2016, where he rapidly deployed as part of the Lead Commando Group in support of Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief operations in the wake of Hurricane IRMA and MARIA on Op RUMAN. On return he was appointed Regimental Sergeant Major of HQ 3 Cdo Bde RM in Feb 2018. During this appointment he was selected to be the 15th Corps Regimental Sergeant Major, taking up this prestigious role in Jul 2020.

WO1 (RSM) Angove lives in Somerset with his wife and two sons. His interest includes fitness and most sports, in particular rugby which sees him supporting Exeter Chiefs RFC.