Vincent Harris, known as Vertigo Vince, has decided to celebrate his 90th Birthday by Sky Jumping from Auckland’s Sky Tower. 

Vincent, who turns 90 on the 10th February, served for 26 years in the Royal Marines. He joined the then Royal Naval School of Music as a Band Boy RM on the 28th  May 1945 and served until discharge 9th Feb 1971 as a Staff Bandmaster. 

At the age of 40 he left the UK and emigrated to New Zealand, where he still lives today. He was always dubbed a ‘dare devil’ by his mother, and true to form has decided to sky jump from the Auckland Tower. A far cry from the 90th Birthday celebration that most of us would envisage. 

A few years ago, Vince bungee jumped off the  Auckland Harbour Bridge, so he is certainly no stranger to an adrenaline rush.

Auckland’s sky tower stands at 192 meters, that’s a 53 floor drop, meaning he will hit speeds of up to 85kmp during his tethered free fall. 

We can safely say that we can only aspire to have the courage and passion for life that Vince does at the age of 90. 

He is taking this leap of faith to raise vital funds for RMA -The Royal Marines Charity and for a New Zealand based charity, The Starship Foundation that funds support for hospitals. 

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