Billy is a retired RM Warrant Officer who left the RM 6 years ago. A relative of Billy’s got in touch with Pam via the ‘needs help’ form on the website to ask for help for Billy who had left the family home due to his drinking. His problem dated back many years and had caused lots of issues with his family and mental health over this time but Billy had been unable to address this problem. Pam worked with Billy, starting with a full assessment over the phone to understand his relationship with alcohol and how this had evolved. Together they worked out a treatment plan, with Billy fully engaged and committed to the process and deciding to stop drinking. Over many months, Pam has supported Billy by phone and video calls through the COVID lockdown and he has returned to the family home and is fully abstinent from alcohol. His and his family’s lives have all improved beyond recognition.

Addiction is an extremely complex area and requires an understanding of the person and how their problem has developed. Often this is linked with mental health/events in the person’s life and requires compassion and a non-judgemental approach. If you or someone you know thinks you may benefit from Pam’s help, please get in touch, the first step is often the hardest however if you are reading this life is already likely to be difficult for you or the person you are concerned about.