Upcoming events

Bootnecks In2 Business – April 29th 2021

Organised by Bootnecks In2 Business

This event seeks to connect former Royal Marines and to expand the Bootnecks In2 business collective network.

Time and agenda:

  • 1800 – Mick Betteridge / Sean Foley
  • 1810 – Main presentation Antony Thompson
  • 1830 – Breakout rooms*
  • 2000 – Close

*Breakout rooms attendees will be chosen depending on who signs up and the information you give beforehand. There will be 3 x 20 min breakout rooms with Q&A’s and pre prepped information in between each breakout session.

Heropreneurs – Start-Up Workshop – May & June 2021

In association with RMA – The Royal Marines Charity

This event seeks to connect former Royal This is an opportunity for service personnel, Veterans, and partners to explore their ideas for, and viability of, potential new businesses.

The event will be held virtually and at intervals attendees will be split into breakout rooms chaired by Heropreneurs Mentors in order to facilitate one-to-one discussion and advice. In registering for this event, you commit to 2 sessions:

  • Session 1 – Thursday 27th May, 10:00-12:30
  • Session 2 – Thursday 10th June, 10:00-12:30

This is a valuable opportunity for military, ex-military, and military partner future entrepreneurs to establish the viability of their business proposals, the considerations start-ups must take into account, and the courses of action required for them to achieve their goals.

HighGround Virtual Rural Week 2021

The Virtual Rural Week (VRW) was developed in 2020 in the face of COVID-19 restrictions

Many aspects of a Rural Week, visits, hands-on and face-to-face interaction clearly cannot be replicated online. However, some subjects are already delivered by a presentation during a Rural Week and certain aspects of other subjects could be adapted to present online. Representing circa 70% of Land-Based Sector employment and self-employment opportunities.

A VRW typically runs from Monday to Wednesday three sessions each morning with breaks between each session. The presenters have supported the Rural Week programme previously so understand the information and detail Service Leavers and Veterans require. Equally they will take questions and provide advice.

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