First impressions count, whether you are interviewing in person or online.
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. You need to come across as professional, confident, and competent.

Appropriate attire is critical to making an excellent first impression. Although many employers may not admit it, it is common that they place a great deal of importance of how a candidate dresses for an interview.

Frequently asked questions

Although an online interview has more barriers than an interview in person, it is still critical to look good and come across professionally.

  • Treat it the same as an in-person interview
  • Make you will not be interrupted
  • Dress in full interview attire – including trousers!
  • Test your camera and microphone
  • Make sure your background is professional

Day to day dress code for a company often has no bearing on how you should dress for your interview. Even if the interview is with a business with a casual dress code, it is strongly suggested that you still wear the expected interview attire