If you are considering making a claim on the War Pension scheme or AFCS, our Tribunal Advocates and Pension Advisers can offer advice and guidance on the process, explain what is required to satisfy ‘attributable to service’ in each of the two schemes and what evidence will be needed to support the claim.

Our advisers will offer a realistic forecast of the outcome of the claim. In those cases where it appears you are not entitled to an award and the claim will fail; we would not continue our support.

If you are already in receipt of an award or pension and there has been a significant change in circumstances, we will advise you on whether a Review is appropriate and where necessary, guide you through the Review process.

If your claim has been rejected or been allowed but not met your expectations, our advisers will scrutinise the claim decision and advise you on whether there are viable grounds to make an appeal.

In order to do this, we will need access to the Decision letter and possibly your medical records. (For serving members, your service medical documents can be obtained via your Unit Sickbay; veterans may need to approach the Institute of Naval Medicine for copies of medical documents.)

Where an appeal is valid, we will represent you at the Reconsideration phase and in the formal hearing at Tribunal.

Please note: if you have made a claim, been dissatisfied with the result and already submitted an appeal before you approach us for assistance, we will NOT be able to take on the case or represent you in the appeal.

If you are communicating with Veterans-UK or HM Courts & Tribunals Service, please do not nominate this charity as your representative until such times as our advisers have expressly agreed to act for you in your claim.

In order for our team to evaluate your case, we will need the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • NI Number
  • Phone/mobile number
  • Address
  • Service number
  • Date of enlistment
  • Date of discharge
  • Reason for discharge

Details of your injury/illness/condition, (if more than one, please list separately.)

  • Date of onset
  • Date first sought medical treatment
  • Summary of how it happened or cause
  • Claims already made on WP or AFCS
  • Decisions on above claims
  • Dates of decisions.