NH – A former Royal Marine presently living in Canada approach and old oppo of his, who happened to be an RMASV) about the concerns he had for his son who was living in Scotland. The RMASV)initially contacted TSO South who brought the matter to the attention of the team at a Case Conference. It was decided that the RMASV would be requested to complete a HARDFACTS, the team mental health clinician was tasked to make an appraisal and the Case Manager allocated the cast to TSO North. After the HARDFACTS was completed, discussions between TSO North and RMASV led to the mental health recommendations being actioned which put the beneficiary in contact with the mental health nurse in Scotland. This eventually led to the satisfactory conclusion of the case and clearly showed the importance of the RMSNO in the help and assistance they can give within the veteran community.

JM – Mike Oakes RMSNO was asked to make regular contact with former RM GP, thirties age group. Mike is a similar age to GP and background as they both transferred from the RN to the RM, this has helped in building rapport between RMSNO and Beneficiary which has helped.

GP was referred to the RMA-TRMC by another RMSNO who had been contacted by GP’s mother who was worried about her son. GP has physical injuries from his service, although there is no medical clarification of this, he spent time in prison where he was given methadone as a replacement to his normal pain killers, this was because he was not allowed any opiates in the prison. GP became dependant to the opiates and now released from prison attends a local methadone dependant clinic. He seldom leaves his home (lives with mother) and spend most of the day in bed. Mike has been able to speak to GP regularly and provide the charity of a clear picture of the needs of GP, this is sometimes difficult as GP expects more support than he really needs. Mike has given GP accurate, realistic, and informative advice that is not always well received by GP. This case may not have provided headline support but the regular contact from the RMSNO has kept GP stable and safe especially during the Covid-19 situation. As things move forward the RMSNO is laying the path for other elements of the H&WB and Employment teams to be able to engage with GP.