Case Study 1

A former Royal Marine living in Canada approached an old oppo of his (who happened to be a RMA Support Volunteer) about the concerns he had for his son living in Scotland.  This concern made its way to the Charity’s Health & Wellbeing team resulting in a case manager putting the son in contact with a mental health nurse in Scotland – and the situation becoming satisfactorily resolved for all involved.   

Case Study 2

A former RM in his thirties was referred to RMA – The Royal Marines Charity after his worried mother had contacted one of our many Royal Marine Association Support Volunteers. 

He had sustained physical injuries during his Service, though this has not been medically clarified, and had also spent time in prison where he became methadone dependent. He spent most of his time in bed, and seldom left the home he shared with his mother.  

To provide some much-needed support, arrangements were made for another RMASV, closer to his age and with a similar military background to contact him and keep in regular touch. They had both started off their careers in the Royal Navy before transferring to the Royal Marines and this has resulted in the establishment of a healthy rapport.   

This rapport and subsequent sharing of dependable information is now allowing the Charity to better understand the needs of this beneficiary, and in turn advise him what services can better support him realistically through this particularly difficult period in his life.  

The regular contact provided by the RMASV has played a significant role in keeping the beneficiary safe and mentally stable and was especially the case during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The ongoing situation is being carefully monitored and a Pathway to Health programme being mutually agreed.  With the help and support of the Charity’s Health & Wellbeing, and Employment & Education teams, it is hoped this will help the beneficiary move forward with his life, at his own pace, into a more positive future.