MB former RM and Falklands veteran, late fifties age group

MB was referred to the RMA-TRMC by TILS who decided that he did not need MH support, but camaraderie and regular contact was what he needed. MB had spent time in Prison, been unemployed for a long time, family relationships were bad, accrued debt and lost all sense of belonging to anything. TSO engaged with the support worker assigned by the local authority for well being support. It became apparent that there were several strands to MB’s case including other 3rd sector local organisations support. SSAFA Link org were asked to visit in order to complete a financial assessment (form A), H4H Link were asked if MB could attend the Veterans recovery centre, Phoenix House in Catterick for contact with other veterans, and be assessed by the clinical focus group in order to help and advice on medical issues including a long term shoulder injury and his mental health (this centre has since closed due to H4H cutbacks-but the clinical team are still engaged) the RMA-TRMC have provided a grant to clear MB’s rent arrears, as well as providing food vouchers, TSO has kept in touch with regular texting and calls plus sending MB back issues of the G&L.

“Jim not sure you got my last. thanks 100 voucher & 2x G&L a big help at this time Mark B. ex45cdo