When you are almost 94 and have spent many proud years as a Royal Marines Commando serving your country, you should expect to live in some degree of comfort.

Ralph has to spend most of his waking time in his kitchen as it is the warmest room in his house.

However, after a water pipe burst, he found the unsightly mess on the ceiling very depressing and difficult to live with.

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity heard about his plight and awarded him a grant to have it re-painted.

“To have my kitchen ceiling freshly decorated has done wonders for me. It’s really raised my spirits.”

What might seem a little thing to some, has really made great difference to Ralph and given him back his positive outlook on life.

“Thank you. I cannot believe the Royal Marines remembered me – it continues to be a source of amazement.”

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity offers lifelong support to the Royal Marines Family. As the Corps own charity, we are uniquely placed to understand, respond and react, enabling Marines and their families to overcome their challenges, from life-changing injury or limiting illness, to mental health issues, transition to civilian life and even poverty.