Hosted in various locations, including the South-West and Scotland.

Commando Connect


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Commando Connect is a get together of like-minded people with a chance to talk to the subject matter experts in attendance or just each other.

This event is for Royal Marines to network or just meet up with some old mates, it is for serving and former Bootnecks.

Key details:

  • Bacon and sausage baps, plus tea and coffee
  • £1 only for refreshments
  • Representatives from the RMA the Royal Marines Charity, membership, Employment and Health and Wellbeing Team
  • Education Officer
  • Other local charities and supporters attending too.
  • No formal briefs, just a get together of likeminded people to chat to the SME’s present or just each other.
  • Dress is casual

All events start at 09:30 till 12:00.

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