It pays to be a winner…so get active and earn FitQuids!

Use the FitQuid app to earn rewards simply by being active……it’s that simple! 

The more you do the more you earn. Then spend your FitQuids in the shop to claim exclusive offers for cycling gear, workout supplements, casual wear, and much more.

What is FitQuid?

FitQuid is the UK’s first health and wellness application whose aim is to encourage the population to stay active and healthy, in both body and mind, to help reduce the current burden on our NHS.

FitQuid tackles two key areas to really make a difference: 

  • Reducing the increasing rates of loneliness by promoting camaraderie thereby improving mental wellness. 
  • Encouraging the long-term physical health and wellness of the community through promoting an active lifestyle. 


Why FitQuid?

RMA Community Hub. Join the RMA Community Hub on FitQuid and challenge your oppos, or join in other challenges set by others, to enjoy a bit of camaraderie at the same time as being rewarded.

Create your own group and individual challenges. Whether you are challenging yourself, or your oppos in a group challenge, you can create any challenge you want on FitQuid. It’s a blank canvas! 

Make money by getting healthier. Stay active, complete challenges, and unlock achievements to earn FitQuids. Spend your FitQuids in the shop to claim offers for your favorite products. Remember, you can message us directly on the app to ask for your favorite products/ services to be added as well. 

Completely free. This is a tool for you & the entire community, and everyone should be able to be involved. 

FitQuid shop. The FitQuid shop includes many exclusive offers ranging from small shops to larger brands. We continue to add new offers based on your suggestions. You can contact us with your suggestions by going to settings > Help > Contact us.

What is our mission?

FitQuid’s mission is to create a positive UK-wide impact on our society through creating an inclusive community, one that is focused on mental and physical well-being through camaraderie and an active lifestyle. FitQuid is aligned with the current NHS guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy competitive environment, encouraging users to push the boundaries and be the best they can be at all ages. The wide variety of physical and mental wellness activities on offer allows you to explore new ways to improve your overall health in a fun and competitive environment.

FitQuid has partnered with leading brands to bring you a shopping experience where you can reward yourself for your hard work, or choose to donate your credits to a chosen charity. FitQuid’s partners and charities are able to raise awareness and increase donations through users learning about their work, spreading the word, and taking part in challenges to help raise vital funds.

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