RMA-The Royal Marines Charity celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2021, marking the foundation of one of its predecessor organisations, the Royal Marines Association (RMA), in 1946.

After the Second World War, the demobilisation of some 80% of the then 77,000 Royal Marines posed a challenge to find employment on a huge scale. On the initiative of Lt Col Nicol Gray and Col Paine, RMA was established and first met in May 1946.

Today, RMA-The Royal Marines Charity is a whole service delivery organisation. Operating from a HQ at CTCRM, but with satellite offices at Whale Island, Stonehouse Barracks Plymouth and Piccadilly in London. The Charity offers preventative and reactive benevolence support to individuals and families in need, employment support to RMs who are compulsorily discharged or who find themselves in need as veterans, membership services to the now over 16,800 members in 91 worldwide geographical and virtual branches, undergirded by an effective fundraising and communications function.

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Its holistic model is unique amongst the regimental associations and charities of the UK, and as such it is an exemplar to the wider Royal Navy and Airborne forces associations and charities which seek to emulate another Royal Marines lead.