It’s National Grief Awareness Week (2 – 8 December 2021), an event hosted by The Good Grief Trust to help normalise grief and get more people talking openly about death.

SFE Director, Emma Gray is sharing her story of dealing with bereavement following the death of her husband and encouraging people to #SpreadSomeWarmth. As we approach the winter months, many older and vulnerable people may be feeling lonely and could be struggling with the loss of a loved one, so it’s important to offer support and let people know they’re not alone.

This year, SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) are urging people to have, what can feel like difficult, intimidating conversations, about death and dying to help them plan better for the future and make sure their wishes are properly communicated with family and friends. 

When talking death and thinking about your wishes – how you’d like to be cared for should you fall sick, who you’d like to appoint to look after your finances and how you would like your assets to be distributed after death for example –  it’s always best to chat with a specialist solicitor who can help set our your requests and offer guidance on important things you should consider, such as the wording of your will or planning for inheritance tax to ensure your loved ones will benefit from your decisions.

SFE lawyers are specialised in dealing with this area of law and are trained to support older and vulnerable people making important decisions about their future. You can find a local lawyer near you here: