It is with tremendous regret that we have taken the tough decision to cancel the Royal Marines Iron Challenge 2022 (RMIC 2022).  

It has been all systems go for RMIC 2022, spurred on by last year’s incredible success when 80 remarkable athletes took part, supported by almost as many volunteers. A whopping £92,000 was raised for the RMA – The Royal Marines Charity to support the RM Family and their dependents who have sacrificed so much.   

However, this year – with only 7 weeks to go, fewer than half the number of participants has signed up to take part: and with the current economic situation, they have the added challenge of attracting sufficient sponsorship for us to get anywhere close to matching last year’s successes. 

We know the news will be greatly disappointing to all the magnificent individuals who have been preparing so hard to take part and who have already pledged to support this year’s event in so many ways – though also appreciating it could be something of a relief to some.  

Last year, each and every one involved gave their all with enormous dedication and commitment at each and every stage. This is why, after such an incredible success, we can’t in all conscience allow such effort to be under-rewarded in 2022 and our wholeheartedly thanks go to all who have done so much already this time round.  

SeaLion Triathlons & RMA – The Royal Marines Charity