Mrs Kim Richardson OBE

Kim has never known anything other than Armed Forces life.  Her Dad served in the RAF for 35 years, so Kim was born in Hong Kong and educated in Malta and Scotland.  She enjoyed a typical Armed Forces childhood, moving home and school every 2-3 years.  Her brothers both served, one in the Army, one in the RAF.  Married for 35 years, Kim’s husband served in the Royal Navy for 28 years.  He is an HMS COVENTRY Falkland’s veteran who completed the All Arms course, so is a holder of the coveted Green Beret. Kim’s son in law is a soldier; her nephew is in the RFA.  Family get-togethers tend to generate lively discussion!

Kim has worked with Armed Forces families in one guise or another for nearly 30 years. Initially qualifying as a State Registered Nurse, she undertook roles that fitted in with her husband’s career and her young family; Nursing home night duty, census enumerator, and antenatal keep fit organiser.  She also sold Tupperware!  As the children became older, she worked for the HIVE Information organisation and as agony aunt and matron to 1000 secondary school pupils, a high proportion of who were Armed Forces children.  Kim set up the Naval Families Federation (NFF) in 2003, leaving the role in 2015.  The NFF offered representation to Naval Service families and engaged at the highest levels in Government and the Naval Service.  In 2009 she was awarded an OBE for service to Royal Navy and Royal Marines families.  Kim is currently working in Navy Command Headquarters, Portsmouth. Her post is funded by the Navy’s oldest charity, Greenwich Hospital.  Kim works in the people space using her experience and corporate knowledge to good effect, and also acts as a bridge between the Naval Service and Greenwich Hospitals London office. 

Kim has been a trustee of the Royal Marines Association for 4 years, sitting on all the committees.  Kim currently Chairs the Royal Marines Support Network Advisory Board.   She is a wife, a Mum, a daughter and a grandparent.  She doesn’t profess to be an academic, but she does have bucket loads of common sense.  She is delighted to be asked to join The Royal Marines Charity as a trustee with responsibility for Health and Wellbeing.