The TSO works closely with the Royal Navy Recovery Centre (RNRC) Hasler the Recovery Troops and RN Personnel Support Groups (PSG), as well as the Unit’s chain of command, Specialist Welfare and Defence Medical Services including the Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH), this includes links to NHS veteran support especially for mental health and prosthetics.

They identify physical and financial needs and links the service leaver with the most appropriate support, helps them develop new strengths and ensures they still feel that important sense of identity and belonging to the Corps family.
The role also provides links to the Education and Employment Team and to other members of the Health and Wellbeing Team for direct support such as the Armed Forces Compensation Tribunal Officer, the Alcohol and Substance use Specialist, the Veteran Referral Programme case manager and the Grants team plus other partner charities including H4H, BLESMA, SSAFA, The Not Forgotten plus many others providing the best specialist support to beneficiaries.

An important part of the TSO role is to promote camaraderie. They work closely with the membership team and advocate the feeling of still belonging to the Corps family. This is achieved by keeping in touch with updates, offers of support, adventurous activities in support of recovery and being available to help, advise advocacy with a plethora of differing subjects.

The TSO is also the former Royal Marine a direct link to the Royal Marines Support Network Officers (RMSNO) in the HWB team, keeping the RMSNO updated and abreast of the team’s processes in our support. Allocating beneficiaries to RMSNO and matching them to help build rapport and trust.