There is no denying that alcohol plays a part in RM life; used positively it can help us to feel relaxed, enhance cohesion, and feel a sense of reward. But, and a big but, how often does this use tip over into adverse effects?

How often have you seen alcohol play a part in someone’s life-changing course through discipline, relationship breakdown or worse, dependence?

If you or someone you know in the Royal Marines family needs advice or support around their drinking or indeed substance misuse as we cannot deny that to impacts on the whole Corps Family, please share this page.

Dependency Issues

Traditionally alcohol has been the focus of any dependency type interventions within the RM community but increasingly, we are being asked to assist with other types of addictions/dependent behaviours. Since the Addiction Specialist post has been in existence, Pam has been asked for help with not only alcohol but gambling, drug use, over-exercising and other dependent behaviours. If you have an issue with any type of dependency and want some assistance, please make contact to discuss.

If we are unable to help then we will assist in finding the right service for you. Any dependency can have significant detrimental effects on our lives and the lives of people around us, the earlier we start to address whatever the behaviour is the better.